We pride ourselves on making sure our guests get the most out of their time with us, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our previous guests say:

Thanks to Anna Mike and Dickens for another great week spent here in August. Looking forward to next July already

Nessan Ireland
11 Nov 2019

What a fantastic holiday. Honestly a perfect experience from start to finish. Mike and Ana are fantastic hosts, Mike went above and beyond when we needed some help. The accommodation is superb, and we will be back!

Thank you from all the boys!

Michael, Matt, Oisin, Gavin, Richard, Jonny xx

22 Oct 2019

Just want to thank Mike, Anna and George for an amazing week. The cycling you organised for us was fantastic with great backup en route. The scenery on the cycles was just gorgeous. Sincere thanks for the hospitality and the lovely home cooking. Lots of laughs and incredible memories. Morzine is a beautiful place. Thanks to all at 45 degrees north.

Nessan Ireland
Thanks to all at 45 Degrees North
29 Sep 2018

Massive thank you to Mike, Anna and Cara!! Had a lovely stay at Chalet Ele, the chalet is beautiful and a great to relax and unwind next to the fire after a long day on the mountain. Mike and Anna were extremely accommodating throughout our stay and where able to work around my dietary restrictions with ease! Super helpful and a very friendly team ! Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a laidback easy going holiday ๐Ÿ™‚

Nikki Atkinson
Super helpful and a very friendly team !
31 Mar 2018

"Intro to Alpine Cycling Week" late August 2015 - what an awesome week! Can't stop raving about it. Anna, Chris, Mike & Lewis you were all so attentive & supportive. Can't believe how I progressed in the time. Can't wait to come back for more. Marisa ๐Ÿ™‚ x

Can’t believe how I progressed in the time
22 Oct 2017

To the 45 Degrees North team,
Thank you for an amazing week. Its been an interesting one to say the least!! I must say though it has been the best week I've had in aaages! Hope the res of the trips go smoothly! Going to miss Morzine. Ben

The best week I’ve had in ages
14 Sep 2017

Had a fabulous week in July, superb support both on the road and at the chalet, great company, seriously good food resulting in a brilliant holiday. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Superb support
10 Sep 2017

Anna, Chris & Mike,
Second visit for us and we thoroughly enjoyed every day. The evening meals were the best reward for a hard days slog. Thanks for the cycling tips and great massages. We will plan another venture with the 45 Degrees North team. Neil & Matthew

Thanks for the cycling tips and great massages
28 Aug 2017

Dear Chris, Anna & Mike
Thank you for making me feel so welcome in Morzine. The week was one which I will never forget and I hope to return one summer before I feel too old to cycle - hopefullly not for another 20 years. The meals (especially the deserts) were delicious.
Love from Villana xoxoxo

A wonderful holiday which I shall never forget
28 Aug 2017

Anna, Chris and Mike
Thank you for an absolutely fantastic week. I enjoyed it all. Katie xxx

I enjoyed it all!
27 Aug 2017

Great rides, great people and amazing food.
Lots of laughs and great memories. Will be back for more, thank you. Sue

22 Aug 2017

Holly & Steve ๐Ÿ™‚

22 Aug 2017

Anna, Chris, Mike & Lewis
Thank you for an unforgettable week of great cycling, food & awesome times. I will not forget this week in a long time! It seems that the enjoyment of the week goes hand in hand with your hardwork & hospitality which really made us feel at home at teh end of a hard days ride. Here's to new friendships and look forward to the catchup ride in London. See you in 2016?
- Brad (part of the best couple award 2015)

An unforgettable week
22 Aug 2017

I'm leaving with a new definition of my name & some great memories. The scenery is beautiful, the company excellent and the food first rate. I had a great time and achieved all I wanted and more. Thanks, we'll be back - if you'll have us!

I achieved all I wanted and more!
22 Aug 2017

Dear 45 Degrees North Team,
What an awesome week this has been.
Really enjoyed the rides and the company. The location and accommodation was pretty amazing too. You guys did an awesome job. Thank you very much for a lovely week of cycling in the French Alps.

A lovely week…
22 Aug 2017

Anna, Chris, Mike Lewis
Thank you very much for this week in paradise!
Anna, for your patience getting me up the hills.
Chris & Mike for the support & faultless organisation (get going even with a flat tyre!)
Lewis for the amazing food & puddings.
A special mention to the tartiflette which was tasting just like home!
Thanks for making this a wonderful trip for a beginner like me.
I will not give up and come back soon stronger, faster & better.
See you soon in London or in France.
Sophie x
aka The French Diva ๐Ÿ˜‰

The cakes were a bonus!
22 Aug 2017

Anna, Chris & Mike,
What a wonderful week it has been for us. Your absolute professional yet casual approach was a positive. Thank you for your tolerance towards a couple of novice riders. Also, your invaluable cycling tips.

Lewis, your meals were all wonderful and very much appreciated at the end of a hard days ride. The cakes were a bonus - all tasty.

Best wishes for your new venture and we will return.
Neil & Matthew

A wonderful week
21 Aug 2017

Guys, what an amazing holiday. You looked after us so well and the food is second to none. Heartily recommend the 'chicken shop' aka Bec Jaune for any of your guests who are dining out ๐Ÿ™‚
We will be back!! Angela & Dave xxx

You looked after us so well
21 Aug 2017

Anna, Chris, Mike, Lewis
Thank you for an amazing week:
- Superb chalet and hospitality
- Fantastic food
- Great views
- Beat a number of my PB's
- Helped me achieve what I thought I couldn't do
And you've really helped build my confidence to take on #RideAcrossBritain2015 faster & safer.
Many thanks, Miranda x

Helped me achieve what I thought I couldn’t do!
15 Aug 2017

Wow what a great week. Awesome team. Learnt so much and really enjoyed it. Carry on the great work Team 45 Degrees North. Debbie

Wow what a great week!
13 Aug 2017

Thanks to Anna, Chris, Mike & Lewis. As a non-cyclist I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the chalet. You local knowledge, personal touches (i.e. cake!) and laid back approach make for a fabulous time. I did a number of walks in the area and all had fabulous views, physical challenge and endless fresh air. Thank you each and every one of you. Great work! Stacey ๐Ÿ™‚

As a non-cyclist I thoroughly enjoyed my time
12 Aug 2017

Thanks Chris, Anna, Mike & Sophie,
We had a lovely stay, the rooms were brilliant. The kids had a blast, especially visiting the chickens! The food was super and the views great. Do come and visit us in Chemex. Love Richard, Vanessa, Ella and Oscar (the loud one)

A lovely stay
10 Aug 2017

Dear Mike, Chris, Anna & Sophie,
Thank you for having us to stay. Ben really amazed himself that he can climb mountains, Mum is better at descending now but still not fast. Paul liked the 12% hill. I like the kayaking on Lac Montriond. From Matthew, Ben, Clare and Paul

Family week
6 Aug 2017

Being here in the Alps with you guys was truly inspirational and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for all the encouragement up the hills and the extra coaching along the way. The home cooked meals at the end of the day were such a treat. See you next year!

Truely inspirational
5 Aug 2017

Thank you for an awesome week!!

Thank you
2 Aug 2017

Thank you all for a great week, with lots of fun

Lots of fun
2 Aug 2017

Thanks for a fantastic week!

A fantastic week
2 Aug 2017

Chris, Mike, Lewis, Max, Awesome job guys, thank you so much for making it more than "just" a cycling hols! Save me that front seat for next year! Jo x

Awesome job…
2 Aug 2017

My third time & it just gets better

It just gets better
2 Aug 2017

Chris, Mike, Max, Lewis. Many thanks for an amazing cycling holiday. Christos x

Amazing cycling holiday
2 Aug 2017

Thanks for a fantastic week & for looking after us so well. Tony (broken carbon) H

Thanks for a fantastic week
2 Aug 2017

Thank you for an awesome time fellas! Much love, hugs & kisses

Awesome times
2 Aug 2017

To the 45 Degrees North squad
Thank you for a great eime in the Alps. Who would've guessed I'd be the one still in one piece at the end of the week!!! This it is safe to say I will hopefully rejoin you out here again but in the meantime I wish you all the best. Ryan G

A great time in the Alps
30 Jul 2017

To the 45 Degrees North Team
Thank you so much for having me. Literally had its ups and downs! #lugecrash Cheers guys, Alex Jones

Cheers guys
30 Jul 2017

To Anna, Chris, Mike, Sophie and Matt
Thank you so much for a wonderful week in the Grand Alps. Today's ride over the Joux Plane was without doubt the best day I've ever had on a bike. Sophie big congratulations on the food, we loved it all. I would love to return. Cheers, Jeremy

A wonderful week in the Grand Alps
29 Jul 2017

Thank you all for a wonderful welcome as a "non-rider". We have loved the chalet, the meals, the company and the views! "Mum of the week" Jane x

A wonderful welcome as a non-rider
29 Jul 2017

It's been a tremendous week. Every day an enjoyable challenge and enough differences from last year to keep things interesting. You make a great team - friendly and professional. Many thanks.

A tremendous week
26 Jul 2017

Last week of an amazeballs week, sitting here looking out over the amazing vista. I came to you an (almost) brokenman, sick & unsure if I could make it. But I'm so glad I made the decision to come. You supported me, coached me & encouraged me up climbs I'd never thought possible with the lure of flapjacks, bread pudding and the oh so rare opportunity to try and beat Chris. You paced me, attacked me & tried to break me ๐Ÿ™‚ but I leave here supprisingly refreshed, revitalized and relaxed. My day out at the Tour is an experience I'll never forget (a bit like Mike's pink jersey) and I'd just like to thank you for everything this week. I really hope this venture is a roaring success, you guys really deserve it. Many thanks, Emmet (of Ireland - its my land) + Norge.

p.s. Lewis - your cooking is legendary!

An amazeballs week!
24 Jul 2017

Thank you for a incredible week in the Alps - loved the routes (and ride down the hills in the van thank you). Great support, guiding, tips, food and massage. One week I won't forget. Thanks again, Jo

One week I won’t forget
22 Jul 2017

Thank you all for another fabulous week. Great variety of rides, good food and company. Hope to see you for the winter season. Ann

Fabulous week
19 Jul 2017

I've been to lots of different places and done lots of different things, but what you do is make us feel like we're at home and part of the family. The integration of the team is an amazing feeling and you really feel instantly at home and immersed. We can be ourselves and do amazing things and all stress is taken away.

I feel the term 'cater for all levels' has become a bit cliche but you really do cater for all levels. You can go off and go as hard as you want or take it very easy which makes it a great experience for everyone.

I don't think anyone else offers the same thing you do so keep doing what you are doing and don't change!

Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t change.
9 Jul 2017

Dear Mike, Chris, Lewis & Anna
Thank you for an awesome week of cycling, walking, swimming & food - & making me feel like I'm in the #TDF2015
Second year was even better than the first - see you in 2016!
Lucy & Mark x

An Awesome Week of Cycling
9 Jul 2017

Thank you to Chris, Anna, Mike & Sophie for an amazing week of cycling, loved every minute of every day. The routes were incredible, some of the best cycling I have ever done, so thank you for all your support. Really enjoyed the chalet time, absolute amazing cooking and meals each day, just like home cooking! Can't wait to come back again. TCC Week 2/7 to 9/7 - 2016. Brent

Loved every minute, every day
9 Jul 2017

To Chris, Anna, Mike & Sophie,
This was our 4th week with 45 Degrees North and every year it just gets better! We did some awesome climbing and were spoilt with fantastic food at the end of every day - wow! Thanks to all for the support and lots of laughs to go with it ๐Ÿ™‚
Heather and Paul

Every year it just gets better!
9 Jul 2017

Chris, Anna, Mike, Sophie
Thanks for another amazingweek cycling in the Alps. Fantastic food and wine, new cols conquered and didnt' fall of this year ๐Ÿ™‚
Tour de France Etape du Tour next year! Manda x

New cols conquered
9 Jul 2017

Thanks fro being such wonderful hosts and for organising such fantastic routes with wonderful weather. We will be back! Good luck with the rest of the summer. Matt

Amazing 5 days of cycling!
2 Jul 2017

Thank you all for a great week of cycling. Some really great routes and well judged to give us a break! I hope you have a great summer and enjoy le Tour! Thanks, Tom

A great week of cycling
2 Jul 2017

Thanks so much for an awesome 5 days! Have absolutely loved every day, especially thanks to the great routes and support. Now can't wait to come back as soon as possible! Cheers, Jamie

Have absolutely loved every day
1 Jul 2017

Best 5 days cycling of my life. Great support and fantastic routes. I would 100% come back again. Thank you so much for having me. SAM

Best 5 days cycling of my life
1 Jul 2017

Third time and still totally enjoyable. A great team, great food and very professional 45ยฐ North crew. Neil and Matt

Very professional
1 Jul 2017

An incredibly well catered, super fun week. Thanks for having us!!
V & D Butcher x

Super fun week!
Fabulous hosts!
19 Jun 2017

Anna, Mike and Chopper
Thank you for letting me be part of the amazing 45 Degres North team. Great food, rides and company! All the best, Dee

Amazing team!
19 Jun 2017

Fabulous. Hugely enjoyable. Brilliant location; top chalet - so much air and light space; delicious food - writing this as lunch is being prepared - am intoxicated, feeling v. hungry :)! Great coaching tips - watch this space with my descenting. Good company; Beautiful region x

Best of all great hosts ๐Ÿ™‚
A la prochaine
Denise xx

19 Jun 2017

Fabulous. Hughely enjoyable. Brilliant location, top chalet - so much airy and light space, delicious food - writing this as lunch is being prepared - am intoxicated, feeling v. hungry :)! Great coaching tips - watch this space with my descending! Good company, beautiful region and best of all great hosts :)!
A la prochaine, Denise x

A la prochaine!
19 Jun 2017

Even the rain couldn't stop it from being an awesome week!
Holly & Steve x

Awesome week!
19 Jun 2017

Yet another excellent week in the Alps thanks to you guys. Despite the absence of Lewis - which got us worried at the start ๐Ÿ˜‰ - the food was excellent, well done you. The technical and coaching support was excellent too. The rain didn't manage to make us give up and that's also thanks to your enthusiasm (!) I will be back again next year and will bring along friends I hope to share the amazing experience. Have a lovely (sunny ?!?!) summer and I hope I'll see you soon! Sophie

Yet another excellent week…
18 Jun 2017

Mike and Anna were the most welcoming, helpful and generous hosts we could have wished for. Wonderful days on the slopes followed by evenings of merriment and laughter with lovely wine and even lovelier home cooked food. The chalet is ideally situated for accessing both the slopes and the aprรจs ski. A massive thanks to you guys, especially as this was my first time skiing, you've turned me into a ski addict. I Love it and I'll most definitely be back. Cannot recommend 45 degrees north enough!

Cannot recommend 45 degrees north enough!
21 Mar 2017